Voice Recording System

Damovo Hong Kong provides you with one of the widest PBX integration platform of Voice Recording System which is reliable, scalable and flexible. The solution has been sold over 100,000 recording channels in 2009.

It is easy to use with integrated quality monitoring tools to facilitate your operations to record voice messages in your financial services trading room, contact centers and public safety conversation.

It also supports mixed input types (analog, digital, trunk, VoIP) in a single server, and can be integrated into your Standard Operating Environment (SOE) with simple configuration.

Features highlighted in the four major areas of Voice Recording System

Voice Recording System


Mix input type (analogue, digital, voice-over-IP, radio or screen)
Support SNMP & SMTP
10 audio compression rates to choose from
Archiving to NAS/SAN, DVD or HP RDX
Integration into customer SOE
Scalable up to unlimited numbers of channels

Secure Storage

256 bit encryption
MD5 fingerprint
Media authentication
Retention rules
Secure delete

Access Management

Web based GUI
Audit trails
Secure access
Extensive user profiles
Storage password policies
Unlimited user licenses for administration, search & replay

Replay and analyze

Replay to phone
Call statistics
Flexible replay options
Value added applications