Aastra MX-ONE Telephony Switch is a fully IP-enabled communications system with state-of-the-art mobility features. It provides all-in-one communication solution for medium to large enterprises with all features from the Aastra bestseller PABX convergence communication system.

Aastra MX-ONE Telephony Switch can scale from 50 up to 50,000 users, and supports more than 500 users per self-dependent unit or LIM (Line Interface Module) in the system because of the unique distributed system architecture. Additional systems may be networked over IP - or traditional digital connections - to allow virtually unlimited scalability in a large network environment.

Users can choose freely between using one or several type of system terminals; IP, digital or analog fixed phones, DECT or WLAN cordless phones, or even public mobile/cellular terminals. Public terminal can also be fully integrated in the system using the popular Aastra Mobile Extension function. When using several terminals, the user may also be conveniently represented with one and the same number, by using new advanced features such as parallel ringing and single number indication.

MX-ONE_Unified Communication

Key Features

Flexibility and Scalability

- Centralized or distributed
- One system or networked system with the choice of redundancy
- Open standard and interoperability between different systems and applications enabled
- Ease of configuration change by adding or removing servers
- Ease of management in a network from single GUI centrally or remotely
- Faster software upgrade without interruption of the live system

Ease of Use

Complete portfolio for Teleworkers

- Same functionality in and out of the office
- Ergonomic user interfaces on all devices

Move freely between fixed line, softphone or mobile

- Free seating and One Number concept
- Fast forwarding between devices

Intuitive to manage and use  

corded headset

Investment Protection

MX-ONE has an unparalleled migration story to offer investment protection to an impressive installed base in more than 100 countries. The customers always have the choice to migrate to IP or mobile solution at their own pace without losing already made investments. Any mixture of users (analog, digital, cordless, WiFi, mobile, IP etc.) is a part of the standard offer. This offers customers a high level of flexibility and more importantly an investment.