Dialog 4000 Digital Phone

Aastra Dialog 4000 digital telephones combine excellent sound quality and outstanding features with superior ergonomics. Users are benefit from built-in acoustics shock protection and hearing-impaired support. Environmentally sound design has been a cornerstone in developing the Dialog 4000. All phones support software downloading for remote upgrades and easy maintenance.  

Dialog 4222 Office

The Dialog 4222 Office is a desktop telephone with full functionality for office communication needs.

digial phone 4222

Dialog 4223 Professional

This multi-featured model supports advanced system functions for professional office users. The Dialog 4223 Professional is ideal for administrative workers and traditional call center (ACD) agents.

digital phone 4223

Dialog 4225 Vision

This multi-featured, top-of-the line model supports advanced system functions. The dialog 4225 vision is ideal for demanding and executive office usages. An extra high quality hands-free speaking function offering full duplex and Acoustic Echo Cancelling (AEC) makes this phone very well-suited for telephone meetings, as well as for conference calls in small meeting room.

digital phone 4225