Dialog 7000 IP Phone

Aastra 7000 terminals are a new line of terminals, designed with quality and esthetics in mind, while offering full support for Aastra Communication System.

With sophisticated and ergonomic design, Aastra 7000 series offers a user-friendly graphical interface for an unmatched user experience.

The auto-provisioning feature provides simplified maintenance and reduces the total cost of ownership.



Aastra 7433ip

It is an entry-level business IP phone, easy to use with an intuitive user-interface that includes graphical menu support.



IP phone 7433

Aastra 7434ip

It is the flexible office version. The phone has a traditional flat position and a tiltable display, as well as a number of programmable function keys and speed dial buttons. It can also be supplemented with extra key panels.

ip phone 7434


Aastra 7446ip

It is the most advanced version in the Aastra 7400 IP terminal series. It is equipped with a large color display with touch screen support.


IP Phone 7446