Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice stream can be transmitted over an Internet Protocol (IP data connection. Separate voice connection can be dispensed with to leverage your existing company’s IT infrastructure.

The key technology to combine the voice and data communication is called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Damovo provides the communication system MX110 that supports SIP both in the communication system as well as on the side of the subscriber.

Numerous advantages and possibilities are possible, which include increased flexibility, investment protection, future-proof and high availability.


Highlighted of the added benefits are:-


Functional communication infrastructure can be set up in minimal time and small efforts wherever there is internet connection.

Network clusters

Different company locations, between which data connections are already in use, can be seamlessly interconnected.

Expandable infrastructure

Additional system telephones, mobility solutions and other components, for example applications, can be integrated without the need for additional cabling.

"Free" internal calls

For all communication devices that are integrated in the company's IP network, the customary ISDN call charges are no longer applicable.