MX-One Telephony System enables true mobility to the users and allows them to stay in touch with the clients no matter of whereabouts.

Our cordless solutions will make your staff feel more in control, help them server customers better and eliminate the cost of maintaining wired infrastructure through primarily three major features.



Aastra Mobile Client (AMC)

AMC is a mobile terminal client that allows mobile users to use short number and extension dialing in combination with the Aastra Mobile Extension, for utilizing traditional communication system services as if they were using their normal functions from the desk phone.

Mobile Client


Aastra Mobile Extension

Aastra Mobile Extension integrates mobile phones into the PBX, providing all services needed to allow your employees to become truly mobile professionals.


Mobile Extension


Cordless Telephony

With cordless technology, we give you the key to a more flexible office no matter of the place you work. Our cordless phones provide all the functions of a wired telephone, and some additional features tailored to a wireless environment.


IP Phone 7446