Greeting Services

Organizations are looking for the best-in-class greeting services to serve and retain your valuable customers . MX-ONE communication system provides you with the flexibility to outreach the expectations from your customers.

Automatic attendant

- automate certain tasks of operator

- voice server to allow callers to put through their calls to person of choice

- callers are allowed to leave a message for person to be contacted

- eliminate waiting time and all intermediaries between callers an the person to be reached

- increase your call throughput and enhance quality of answering consistently and effectively

- effective answering service for business during and after normal office hour

- provides your client with the flexibility to direct their calls to Automated Attendant group number as well as calls to the attendant

Mobile Client

Mobile Client

Groups, automatic distribution of incoming calls (ICD/ACD)

Automatic Distribution allows call centers to optimize call handling by providing a rapid and professional response to each call.

- Automatic cyclical, circular or all-agent distribution of calls, to ensure an even distribution of calls between agents within the same ACD group

- Calls are automatically placed in a queue when the agents in the ACD group are busy. This allows callers to be kept waiting whilst optimizing the available resources of the ACD group.

Personalized messages are broadcasted according to the stage the call has reached in the call handling process, i.e. the greeting message, waiting message and dissuasive day and night messages.

Groups can be made up of any type of extension (digital, analog, cordless, personal number etc.) The organization of a group can be parameterized within the limits of the total number of groups and extensions within these groups in the MD Evolution system, i.e. 250 extensions distributed across 64 groups and a maximum of 64 agent's extensions per ACD group.

Automated Call Distribution

Greeting Messages

- Up to 15 announcement options for music-on-hold, greeting messages, voice prompts, ACD message and background music

- Customized message tailored for different situations, i.e. how the call is used, how long the call is, and whether the call is synchronized at the start when it is connected

- Specific tools are available to customize the messages which can be downloaded locally or remotely.

- Standard program is available with default configuration of 6 voice prompts and one music-on-hold option

- Differentiated greeting messages can be set up for calls in queue.