Support and Maintenance

A typical lifespan of our Aastra Ericsson PABX Telephony System will be 15 to 20 years and, with proper maintenance, the system can sometimes operate more than 30 years.    The long duration of operation highlights the importance of supporting services and the experiences of the maintenance staffs to deliver the services.  


Damovo, being the sole distributor of Aastra Ericsson PABX Telephony System in Hong Kong and Macau, possesses the knowhow to address the problems encountered by our client and provide the assistance required for expansion, system upgrade, office relocation and etc.   Our close connection with factory allows us to response to our clients quickly and effectively.


The working experiences of our supporting and engineering staffs in the telecommunication sector are over 15 years.   Unlike our rivals, we specialize in our PABX system since inception, which can provide further assurance to our clients about our service continuity and capability to deliver our services without being affected by frequent change of engineers.

Software Maintenance Concept

The design of the system also has its own beauty via the Software Maintenance concept which gives our customers a convenient and reliable way of constantly keeping their system at its best and at the latest technological level via software service support, software updates, and software upgrades, all at a predictable cost up to three years ahead.