Cabling and Installation

Well designed and properly installed cabling infrastructure network is of paramount important to your business as it could protect your investment and avoid potential expensive cost for expansion and relocation in future.

We offer total IT infrastructure network and cabling installation works for the integration of data, voice and communication with competitive offer, and wide variety of cabling and connectivity solutions with the deployment of products from leading brands such as AMP, Krone, Molex, Brand-Rex, and etc.

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We also provide the solutions that could fit your unique communication needs no matter of your choice of category 5e, category 6 and coaxial cable for your infrastructure network.

Cabling Cabling Cabling

In particular, we offer

System changes, upgrade, relocation and expansions
Structural cabling services, i.e. Cat 5, Cat 5e (100 Mbps Ethernet), Cat6 (1000 Mbps/Gigabit Ethernet)
Voice, data and IT network wiring
High security Ethernet switching products, i.e. H3C S3100-E1 series intelligent Ethernet switch
Experienced workforce with the required domain knowledge
Performance testing and cable maintenance

Cat 5e Cat 6 Cat 5e wiring